About Us


Analemma Press™, LLC was established in 2011 in Chandler, Arizona as a full-service, independent publisher. We aim to bring the beauty and joy of the Great Outdoors to our readers through our award-winning guidebooks, instructional photography eBooks, and exciting adventure travel titles.


Since then, numerous prestigious organizations (including the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, the International Book Awards, and Outdoor Writers Association of America) have recognized our books for their captivating content, beautiful interior designs, and stunning photographs.


We proudly produce and print our titles in the U.S.A., thanks to our talented team:


CEO: Colleen Miniuk

Vice President, Sales and Marketing: Robert Miniuk, Sr.

Vice President, Shipping and Distribution: Jacque Miniuk

Graphic Design: Gill Photo Graphic

Developmental, Content, and Copy Editor: Erik Berg


The inspiration for the name "Analemma Press" comes from the astronomical term "analemma." If one photographed the sun from a single location, at the same position, and at the same time every day for 365 days a year, one would record the figure-8 or infinity symbol-like shape--the solar analemma--in the sky. Requiring a comprehensive understanding of the sun, photography, and technology, there are only about 20 known successful photographs of the analemma. For more information, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analemma.